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Master Scheduling

Master Schedule Grid (Format)

The master schedule format is a time phased grid format that is basically a spreadsheet where the rows represent supply & demand & the columns represent time periods/buckets from the present to the end of the planning horizon.
If the time bucket is one day, the system is called Bucketless.

Time Fences

“A policy or guideline established to note where various restrictions or changes in operating procedures take place. For example, changes to the master production schedule can be accomplished easily beyond the cumulative lead time, while changes inside the cumulative lead
time become increasingly more difficult to a point where changes should be resisted. Time fences can be used to define these points”.
Time Fence is an artificial time boundary used to separate periods or groups of periods for planning purposes

Rough-cut capacity planning

A problem commonly encountered in operating MRP systems is the existence of an overstated MPS. An overstated master production schedule is one that orders more production to be released than production can complete.

An overstated MPS causes raw materials and WIP inventories to increase because more materials are purchased and released to the shop than are completed and shipped.

Developing a MPS

The objectives in developing an MPS are as follows:
- To maintain the desired level of customer service by maintaining finishedgoods inventory levels or by scheduling to meet customer delivery requirements;
- To make the best use of material, labor and equipment;
- To maintain inventory investment at the required levels.

To reach this objectives, there are 3 steps in preparing a MPA:

4. Master Production Schedule

The MPS (Master Production Schedule) define precisely the required quantity per period for each finished product to sell. The bucket is usually the week and the time horizon up to 3-6 months or a least twice the longest product leadtime.

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