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  • exam   6 years 2 weeks ago

    I think that should be fine. You can appear MPR on the same apics id.

    If you still have any doubt then call on apics customer care number

    Contact APICS Customer Service at service@apics.org, or 1-800-444-2742 or +1-773-867-1777 from 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. CT. You also may use the online form.


  • Preparation time for CPIM exams   6 years 2 weeks ago

    It depends on how much work experience & knowledge you have on supply chain management.

    I know one folk who prepared only 2 weeks per the first 4 papers and was able to score 315+ in all the modules. He has more than 10 years+ of supply chain experience (Oracle EBS)
    Personally I have cleared 3 exams and waiting for the results SMR

    I prepared all the 3 papers for around (BSCM, MPR, and DSP) one month. I spent around 2 & half months on SMR and waiting for its result.
    My last attempt will be ECO.
    So it all depend on your SCM experience.

    If someone is completely new to SCM then I would suggest he/she should spend a good amount of time for  BSCM (reading Arnlold)…may be 2 months, considering you have a full time job and can’t spend more than 2 hours a day.

    If you prepare well for BSCM then MPR, DSP and ECO ‘ll be much easier.
    SMR is a different ball game altogether and definitely needs a lot of time & energy (& money also)

  • cpim exam dates 2012   6 years 2 weeks ago

    I have seen that site...have searched a lot in google but still didnt find the dates anywhere

  • cpim exam dates 2012   6 years 2 weeks ago

    APICS CPIM & CSCP exams in India are conducted by Knowerx.

    Check their official site for cpim/cscp exam fees, dates, etc

    The site also has the list of books to refer & al

  • apics cpim exam   6 years 2 weeks ago

    Check the below URL


    You can also buy old questions from apics officail site..each paper costs around $20 and contains 60  questions appeared in real cpim exam

  • SMR Notes or Study Guides   6 years 2 weeks ago

    Can you please send SMR study material on shakeelrehman86@gmail.com


  • APICS-CPIM-5th-Module-SMR   6 years 2 weeks ago

    Can anybody share SMR notes with me.
    Please send it on shakeelrehman86@gmail.com

  • heijunka   6 years 3 weeks ago

    go through the attached document also the below link

  • SMR Notes or Study Guides   6 years 4 weeks ago
  • SMR Notes or Study Guides   6 years 4 weeks ago

    Check the attachement

    Its a good presentation on SMR. I have few other docs as well but they are of more than 5mb, so cant upload in the forum

    Let me know your mail id.

    I 'll send you those docs as well



  • solve this   6 years 8 weeks ago

    Can you show your workings

  • solve this   6 years 8 weeks ago

    ann is 250

  • Books for BSCM   6 years 8 weeks ago

    One month of preparation should be sufficient to clear BSCM
    Reprint is good but I would suggest you to go through Tony Arnold..you can skip the chapter on product & process design..rest are necessary..

    best of luck for your exam

  • Books for BSCM   6 years 9 weeks ago

    i am started studying from basics of supply chain management reprints and i am kind of lost!!

    i am not sure if i am doing the right thing, my exam is in one month!

  • Reschedule in   6 years 9 weeks ago

    Due Date - The date on which the item is going to be made available by the system
    Need Date - The date on which the item is required as per the demand (customer order or Work Order/Job)

  • Books for BSCM   6 years 9 weeks ago

    You don’t need any study guide for the first paper. ..Just read Tony Arnold …that is more than sufficient
    Just to give you an idea about participant workshop and study notes

    participant workshop usually contains all the areas covered in exam
    the guide is usually meant to be used in a class room…not for self study…

    I have not attended any class room but still found these guide books quite worthy (for DSP & ECO)..

    Study notes are written more like books and quite interesting to read but they don’t cover all the areas asked in the exam.


  • Reschedule in   6 years 9 weeks ago

    Thanks !!!

    But my question is what is the difference between due date and need date

  • Reschedule in   6 years 9 weeks ago

    If the due date of an order is later than the need date then system 'll put a message to reschedule in the order.

    So answer is B

  • critical ratios   6 years 10 weeks ago

    The correct ans is B i.e. C D B & A

  • how to solve this   6 years 10 weeks ago

    Let SP = 100
    Total Cost = 90
    Mfg Cost = 60
    Var Cost = 30

    Now Mgf cost is changed to 50
    So Total cost = 80

    Profit = 20

    i.e. Profit is increased by 100%

  • results   6 years 12 weeks ago

    I cleared first 2 papers BSCM & MPR with 310 + scores

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