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Preparation time for CPIM exams

By Anonymous - Posted on 09 July 2012

I am going to start studying for the 1st CPIM exam soon (just ordered my materials). I would like to set realistic goals for taking all my exams. For those who have already taken the exams, could give me an idea of how long it took you to study for each exam and how many hours of studying you were doing on average each week?

This will help me stay motivated and on track. Thanks in advance!!!

It depends on how much work experience & knowledge you have on supply chain management.

I know one folk who prepared only 2 weeks per the first 4 papers and was able to score 315+ in all the modules. He has more than 10 years+ of supply chain experience (Oracle EBS)
Personally I have cleared 3 exams and waiting for the results SMR

I prepared all the 3 papers for around (BSCM, MPR, and DSP) one month. I spent around 2 & half months on SMR and waiting for its result.
My last attempt will be ECO.
So it all depend on your SCM experience.

If someone is completely new to SCM then I would suggest he/she should spend a good amount of time for  BSCM (reading Arnlold)…may be 2 months, considering you have a full time job and can’t spend more than 2 hours a day.

If you prepare well for BSCM then MPR, DSP and ECO ‘ll be much easier.
SMR is a different ball game altogether and definitely needs a lot of time & energy (& money also)

Hi nd,

I would really appreciate if you could advise what materials you recommend to study for the DSP exam?

On the APICS website all the following are listed as study materials, but did you study all to pass the exam?

- Introduction to Materials Management (Seventh Edition)
- Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems for Supply Chain Management
- The Lean Toolbox (Fourth Edition)
- Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning and Scheduling
- Designing and Managing the Supply Chain: Concepts, Strategies
- Making Sustainability Work

Thanks a lot for your help,


I am preparing myself too for the DSP exam, and I bought mostly all those books, and honestly the #1, #2 are the only one that worth the money, here I am now looking online some information and materials to pass this exam because the others books really didn't help. Maybe is too late and you have already passed the test.....I hope so .....good luck... :-)

Looking for free study material for your exam to check and compare your preparation, specially designed on latest pattern and syllabus for all kind of exams.

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