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By Anonymous - Posted on 27 April 2012

Apics March 18 2012 results are out.
If you have appeared the exam then expect to get the score card in a day or two

I cleared first 2 papers BSCM & MPR with 310 + scores

Do you mind sharing your experience with the MRP exam?

I was ill-prepared for the exam and went in with less than an hour's worth of studying. I managed to pass by the skin of my teeth with a 300. Now that I just took the ECO exam, and failed, I see that the BSCM was simple compared to the latter! There was little if anything in the ECO practice exam content that was on the actual test. Most of the BSCM questions I kinda knew the answer, but with ECO, I knew was unsure on most and completely clueless on several!

BSCM is the easiest of all and no one should feel overconfident by clearing it with a good score.

ECO & SMR are the toughest to clear

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